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  • Added on Apr 25, 2019
  • Current version: 1.0.1
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    October CMS v3.x not tested
    October CMS v2.x not tested
    October CMS v1.x use latest
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A GDPR-compliant All-in-one Analytics App. Website statistics, user paths, session replays, heatmaps, funnels, polls and surveys. The data is protected, secured and is not shared with any third parties. Ads free, easy to install and easy to use.


  • Advanced website traffic statistics, with a user-friendly interface: sophisticated dashboard, visitors, conversions, session duration, page traffic, latest visitor activity, referrals, devices, bounce rates, time of visits, competition analysis and much more!
  • Visitor behavior analytics: real recordings of visitor sessions, heatmaps & conversion funnels. Get valuable insights about how visitors interact with your site & boost your online success!
  • Visitor feedback analytics: invaluable & direct feedback from your website's visitors using targetable surveys and polls.
  • Innovative solution that does not need cookies for tracking data! 100% GDPR & CCPA compliant tracking. No data passed on to third parties. Supports 20 languages.

Visitor Analytics is an All-in-One Analytics App that couples essential website stats with user behavior analytics and visitor interaction features like polls and surveys. Everything brought to you in an innovative and user-friendly way without any use of cookies. Why waste time and money on countless tools, when you have everything needed in one place, at a better price? Get a complete overview of your website stats. Check your visitors (browsers, resolutions, OSs, etc.). See your website's performance in comparison to your competitors. And so much more! You will be able to watch real videos of what your visitors did on your site. Create heatmaps to check which website's parts your visitors interacted with the most or the least. Conversion funnels optimize your conversion processes noticeably. Get invaluable feedback from your website’s visitors. Integrate target based feedback bubbles in your website pages using polls or create long questionnaires on separate URLs for any type of participant with our survey feature. We use an independent tracking system without any cookies that has received various awards. It absolutely complies 100% with GDPR, CCPA and others!

Visitor Analytics Key features

  • An overview to see all your key stats at a glance
  • Visitors' path and history - View your visitors’ behavior & actions and learn more about them over a period of time
  • Session Recordings – See videos of how visitors behave on your website (clicks, scrolls, etc)
  • Heatmaps - See the highest area of click activity and understand how users navigate your website (where they click, how far they scroll)
  • Funnels - find when and where your visitors are leaving your website without converting
  • Visitor feedback analytics - get invaluable & direct feedback from your website's visitors using surveys and polls.
  • Pages Performance - See your most popular pages and track conversions
  • URL Campaigns stats - Track all your shared URLs no matter the distribution channel for a better understanding of your campaigns
  • Referrals and Landing Pages - Check your most effective referrals and where your visitors are landing first

Why choose Visitor Analytics?

  • An app that couples essential website stats with user behavior analytics
  • 100% GDPR and CCPA compliant tool. - All the features are constantly checked by a team of legal experts who make sure that Visitor Analytics respects the privacy of every individual's personal data.
  • Ease of use – Unlike other tools, Visitor Analytics provides all the data website owners need, without being overwhelming. You don’t need to be a data analytics specialist to interpret your stats or your users’ behavior. If you are, even better.
  • Easy setup and instant data processing.
  • More than 2 Million installs & hundreds of 5-star reviews
  • Independent website tracking system, that has received various awards and does not contain ads
  • One of the best price-/performance ratios on the market.
  • Constant releases of great new tools and improvements.
  • Exceptional customer support.
  • Plans adapted to the actual size and needs of all types of companies. All features are available in all plans.
  • Real-time data. See all the stats at the exact moment users are browsing your site.
  • And so much more….

Try the free plan, with all the features available. No credit card required. No strings attached! If you find the app useful (and we hope you do), pick the plan that suits you best, pay as you grow and change plans based on performance whenever you want.

If you need more information or help regarding the app, please check the support center or write us via the support chat on our website.

Please keep in mind that we are a third-party service and we use OctoberCMS as a distribution channel. The plugin uses an API that communicates with www.visitor-analytics.io in order to create an account, log in, and view stats through an iframe that serves content from www.visitor-analytics.io. The data is stored remotely, however, you can rest assured that the service we provide at Visitor Analytics is GDPR-compliant and we have all our information security management system & processes well-set-up (ISO27001 certified).

Visitor-Analytics.io integration plugin

This plugin integrates OctoberCMS with Visitor-Analytics.io statistics tracker.


To configure the plugin, proceed to system settings and find Visitor Analytics category, then click Dashboard (/backend/visa/visitoranalytics/settings/dashboard). You will be directed to register form which allows you to register at Visitor Analytics right from the admin page. When you are registered (or if you already have an account) check your mail to confirm registration and then proceed to Login page (/backend/visa/visitoranalytics/settings/login) to Log In.

After the first login your site will be registered automatically, your free trial will be activated and tracker script will be loaded from Visitor Analytics. Statistics will be available on the Dashboard page.

Tracker component

To add Tracker code to your site's pages use Visitor Analytics Tracker component. It has no properties to configure since it is all loaded from Visitor Analytics API. Just add the component to pages (or partials, or layouts) you want the tracker on, and the tracker's script will be put to scripts section.


First version of VisitorAnalytics

Apr 25, 2019