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  • Introduction :

    • Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms for sharing images and videos. The main feature of the
    • Instagram Feed plugin is the ability to show the Instagram posts of your site. The Instagram Feed plugin will create a feed page containing all your Instagram posts. The feed page is beautifully designed. It supports video, carousel and image posts.
  • Requirement :

    • You need to get a valid access token for the Instagram API.
  • How It Works

    • To sign up or log in an Instagram account, https://www.instagram.com/.
    • To insert Access-Token in backend configuration for this extension.
  • Features

    • You can see all the Instagram Feed page on your site.
    • You can play a video or view a carousel on your site.
    • The plugin is made using Instagram’s new API rules.

Setup :

  1. To configure Instagram settings, go to the Settings section of October and go to Instagram settings.
  2. To get valid Access Token to go to PixelUnion.

Component : To display your feed, go to your cms page and add an Instagram feed component to it. Then configure your number of media to be displayed by setting the limit property of the component (default is 12), you can also add slider using slider property (default is No).


First version

Jan 03, 2020