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You can create multiple sliders and each slider having slides. A slide contains an image, optional title, subtitle, description and target link. You can display a slider on a frontend page using the built-in CMS component.


  • Included Owl Carousel
  • Quick and responsive

Simply install, you can able to create, edit and remove sliders and for each of sliders you can create, edit and remove slides.

To display the slider on the front end CMS page you can add CMS component and select slider.

Fields for the slide:

  • Image required
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Description
  • Text Align (left, center and right)
  • Button 1
    • Display button
    • Text in button
    • Link to page/website
  • Button 2
    • Display button
    • Text in button
    • Link to page/website

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Feb 12, 2020


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Feb 12, 2020