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This plugin extends RainLab.User with possibility to add 2-factor google authentication for user account.

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TwoFactorActivate component

To set up 2-factor authentication there are 3 main steps with 3 corresponding components.


Screenshots 1, 2. This component displays QR-code and input to enter the one-time password. User will need to scan QR-code by 2-factor password generator app (Google Authenticator) wich will generate a 6-digit code. After entering it and activating user will get message about successful activation and set of recovery passwords that he needs to save to be able to access his account in case he losts his auth device.


Screenshot 3, 4. This form needs to be shown after user signed up if he got 2-factor authentication active. Here he will enter 6-digit code from 2-factor password generator app to access his account.


Screenshot 5. This component checks if user got 2-factor authentication activated and if yes - restricts access to the pages. The component is convenient to place in layout to protect all layout pages at once. There is option to select wich pages don't need to be protected: if your login page and page with OneTimePasswordForm use the same layout you need to add them to the 'except' componet field so they will be not protected and available for not logged in users. Also any pages for not logged users from current layout need to be added here.


Add table to users table

Dec 20, 2017


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Dec 20, 2017