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  • Added on Apr 22, 2016
  • Current version: 1.1.7
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x not tested
    v1.x use latest
  • License: Regular / Extended
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This extension to the Feegleweb.Octoshop plugin enreaches Octoshop product catalog with your custom properties and allows you to filter product list by properties values and products price.



  • Ability to create properties with list of options and attach them to products
  • Filters for front-end product list page to enable complex property based search
  • Filter types available for now: checkbox list, colors list, price range slider, text search box
  • Control over the filters front-end order
  • Sorters component: by price, by date published, by popularity

New in v1.1.0

  • Product list sorting component: by price, by date published, by popularity
  • Text search box component to filter products by name
  • Product views tracking (used in sorting by popularity and in Popular products component)

Future updates:

  • add filter by user support for shopProductsFiltered component. For use with Sellers plugin (coming soon) or custom solutions

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Filters and Price Filter components

This plugin is an extension to the Feegleweb.Octoshop plugin. It enables attaching properties with options to products and provides filters to display product list with complex search parameters. Also adds product sorting feature and product views tracking.


Filtered Product List

The shopProductsFiltered component extends Octoshop shopProducts component with ability to make complex search based on filter parameters provided by shopFilters component. Parameters are the same as in Octoshop shopProducts component

To get the following components working need to use shopProductsFiltered component instead of original Octoshop shopProducts:

Product Filters

The shopFilters component displays list of filters based on properties created and attached to products.

  • categoryFilter - (default :slug) Category slug to use for filtering products leave blank to show all).

Price Filter

The shopFilterPrice component displays price range filter.

  • categoryFilter - (default :slug) Category slug to use for filtering products leave blank to show all).


The shopSort component displays list of sorting options. To edit the sorters list extend the Vdomah\Osproduct\Classes\Helper::sorters() method in your plugin.

Search Box

The shopSearch component displays text input to search by product title.

Popular Products

Plugin adds views column to products table to calculate products views. The shopPopular component can be used to display a list of top viewed products.

  • limit - The max number of products to show.
  • productPage - Reference to the page name for linking to products.
  • noResultsMessage - Message to display when there are no products.

Fixing wrong hasMany redeclaration in Plugin.php boot

Dec 02, 2016


Property form: options to relation instead of formwidget.

Aug 10, 2016


Fixing some paths and lang constants. Removed Validation trait from ProductProperty model.

Jul 20, 2016


Rewriting property-options relation managment: editing options in popup.

Jul 20, 2016


Add missing use statement in migration.

Jul 20, 2016


Change in migration name.

Jul 20, 2016


Fixes to be compatible with October stable release. Updates migrations fixes.

Jul 20, 2016


Sorter, Text search, Popular products components added. Product views tracking.

Apr 27, 2016


First release

Apr 22, 2016