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Verify with Call

This plugin prevents page access for unverified users and prompts to verify with a missed phone call by using Cognalys API.

If you encountered any bug, Please, open github issue before writing "not useful" review.. Thanks.

Why prefer Cognalys and not SMS based services?

Sending SMS for verification is more expensive than a basic phone call. This is a good service for being simple usage both users and site owners.

What should you do to configure the plugin?

  • Go to Cognalys Webpage and register
  • Create new OTP Applications under Dashboard
  • Click Configuration button of Application, copy App ID and Access Token
  • Go to settings page on your website. Paste App ID and Access Token to fields
  • Switch on Activate User Verification

Take a look at the documentation page for installation of verification process on pages

Need Help?

Please open issue on Plugin Issues page if you have any issues or need help.



verify by Chameleon Design from the Noun Project

Using Components for Verifying

There are 2 components you should use:

  • CheckIfVerified component is using for verification purposes. Add CheckIfVerified component to a page if you want to that page needs verication before access. Change redirectlogin property of component to a cms page for redirecting to the login page for if there's not any user logged in. Also change redirect property of component to a cms page for redirecting to the verify form page.
  • VerifyForm component is using for showing the form to user which verification process takes place. Create a blank page or whichever you want and add component to that page, than put {{ VerifyForm.showForm|raw }} to where you want to show form on page. Also change unauthorized property to a cms page for redirecting if visitor not yet registered user. (Probably redirect to registration page is suitable)

That's all. Now, all logged-in users who is not verified mobile phone will be prompt to verify on the redirected page. When user verified, automatically returned back to source page where user left off.

How Verification Process Takes Place for Users?

When user try to access a page which has "CheckIfVerified" component, if you activated verification and user is not verified, system redirects user automatically to your defined webpage which has "VerifyForm" component.

User should enter mobile number on that page and system will call the user. User should write Last 5 digit of caller number and system automatically combine the number to verify the user.

Logs About Verified Users

System also keeps these datas for you in users table:

  • User's mobile phone number (mobile in users table)
  • Verified date (userverify_dateverified in users table)
  • Caller phone number (operator number) (userverify_callerphone in users table)

Working Logic

For more information:

Cognalys API Page

Request URL Before Phone Call


(MOBILE = + country code + mobile number)
eg: +918xxx903xxx
eg: International Code + Country Code + Area Code + Subscriber Number

Confirming the Number Verification


(KEYMATCH = the keymatch value you got from first api just before)
(OTP = 10 digit missed call OTP number, which user should write)
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    The plug-in is not installed

  • Found the plugin not useful on 4 Mar, 2016

    Installation error: " Update failed

    "SQLSTATE[23502]: Not null violation: 7 ERROR: column "userverify_dateverified" contains null values (SQL: alter table "users" add column "userverify_dateverified" timestamp(0) without time zone not null, add column "userverify_callerphone" varchar(255) null)" on line 624 of /opt/www/laravel/octopool/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Connection.php "

  • author

    Replied on 4 Mar, 2016

    We fixed with v1.0.2 Please open github issue if you encountered any bug, before writing not useful review.



Fixed response key

Apr 07, 2016


Added redirect for form page

Apr 07, 2016


Added script redirect for partials

Apr 07, 2016


Added redirect when user not present

Apr 06, 2016


Added timestamps

Mar 04, 2016


Column nullable fixed

Mar 04, 2016


Added user table columns

Mar 03, 2016


Plugin Init

Mar 03, 2016