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Plugin extend default backend user profile and add new tabs:

  • Biography
  • Social networks
  • Contact informations

Available fields

  • biography Huge rich editor for better and long biography
  • short_biography Use for simple bio
  • user_position_name This field was used for work position. For example: editor in chief, editor, author, etc...

Contact informations

  • primary_phone
  • mobile_phone
  • skype_username
  • public_email
  • private_email

Social networks

  • network_link Available: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram

Other social links?

You can add more links. Look to upgrade guide.

Next steps

Create twig extension for better handling of positions. Create a settings page, for manage available positions list... And many more...

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Example of use old and new fields. New fields can be accessed via user.facebook_link etc.


It's very easy... All fields can be accessed via user tag:

{{ user.short_biography }} for short bio

{{ user.biography }} for full bio ... on backend is used Rich Editor, then use |raw

{{ user.facebook_link }} for Facebook link url


  • Found the plugin not useful on 28 Oct, 2016

    Documentation is lacking and there are errors:

    {{ user.user_position_name }} returns the key of the dropdown, not the value. e.g. "3" instead of "Author/Writer"

  • Found the plugin useful on 19 Oct, 2016

    Can you please add more detailed documentation on how to use it? Maybe an example to integrate it with on the frontend. I found your plugin very useful but I'm unable to use it because of lack of proper documentation.

    You can contact me at desk.abhimanyu@gmail.com


Update for get labels from language files

Aug 24, 2016


New fields for profile page

Aug 24, 2016


Migration for backend_users table

Aug 24, 2016


Initialize plugin.

Aug 24, 2016


U can upgrade this plugin for what u need.... You can easily add new fields. U need to edit some files:

On file Plugin.php u need to look at line (circa) 38, started with $widget->addTabFields.

        'field_name_on_database' => [ // need to create a migration file on updates folder
        'tab'  => 'Tab name', // tab name - u can use language definitions
        'label'   => 'Label for field', // u can use lang definition
        'type'    => 'text', // all available form types

As u can see, field_name_on_database must be created with migrations file on updates folder, then u must create information on version.yaml file and then file for migration - schema update...