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This plugin will provide a collection of form widgets for use in backend forms. This will expand the number of backend forms widgets that are available to you as developer to use in your plugins for managing various settings.

As time passes more widgets will be added to this Form Tools collection for use in the backend.

Currently included:

Color picker

The colorpicker October default supplies is enough for hexadecimal color codes. But if you need a color picker that supports alpha transparency, this is the color picker for you.

An example of how the color picker looks when used in a backend form.

The Form Tools widgets can be used in the following ways:

Color Picker

The default October picker providers a hexadecimal color code. For many purposes that is enough, but when you need RGBA values, this color picker comes to the rescue.

In a form configuration you can implement it in the following way:

      type: tsch_color_picker
      label: Select background color

There are no other than the default form widget configuration options available for the color picker.

Return value
The values will be returned as a string to the model. Make sure you have a string field of sufficient length to store a string like rgba(0, 255, 255, 0.62)


First version of FormTools

Apr 19, 2017

Nothing to do, just add the plugin to your project and the form widgets should be available to you to use in form configurations.