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Synder.Redirects is a simple OctoberCMS extension handling custom redirects and force HTTPs and (Non-)WWW frontend requests, which is also a benefit for your SEO rankings on Google and Bing.

Attention: Synder.Redirects requires PHP 7.2+!


  • Manage custom redirects (Source, Destination and used Status Code)
  • Optional noRedirect parameter to disable redirection
  • Force HTTPS locations (use desired Status Code and toggle noSSL mode)
  • Force (Non-)WWW Locations (use desired Status Code)
  • Test HTTPS / (Non-)WWW Locations directly


  • PHP 7.2+
  • PHP Extension: cURL (recommended, only for testing)

Honest Reviews are always welcome

We really appreciate it if you leave us an honest review, if you're missing a feature or encounter a bug please don't hesitate and open an issue on our GitHub repository or write us an e-mail at october@synder.dev. Thanks!

Manage your own custom redirects

The current version of Synder.Redirects does not provide any API or interface for extending or using, besides the main functionality offered on the own backend page.

Which Status Code should I use for HTTPS / (Non-)WWW redirections?

Google recommends using a permanent HTTP Status-Code for such redirections (as mentioned for HTTPS on developers.google.com), thus using 301 - Permanently should be preferred. Anyway, you can still use the Status-Code you want to, the plugin does not force 301 in any way.


Update Locale.

Jul 27, 2021


First Version.

Jul 24, 2021