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October Version PHP Version

A really simple plugin, which allows you to easily update your OctoberCMS websites on php-restricted webhosting providers, such as IONOS, using the new command ionos:update.

What's the difference to october:update?

The october:update command pass php ... to the passthru PHP function, which is completely cool on almost all environments and hosting provider in the world wide web. However, some providers, which offers an SSH access to their webhosting packages, support multiple PHP versions side-by-side and a few of them use a deprecated version for the standard php command. For example: IONOS uses version 4.4.9 on the default php command, which can easily be changed when using SSH, but not when PHP itself calls his own command.

The new provided ionos:update uses php7.4-cli instead of php, but allows you to change this default by adding the option --phpv=[PHP_ENV]. When, for whatever reason, your PHP environment command does not start with php, you can skip this check with --skip-nophp as well. Keep in mind that you MAY need to add -cli after the version number depending on your setup, since the update MAY aborts if the non-CLI / CGI version is used.

Locate Composer File

The Composer file should be located in the root directory of your OctoberCMS website, which may already is. If not, you can download and install composer by executing the following commands, while you're in the root path of your OctoberCMS website:

> wget https://getcomposer.org/installer installer
> php7.4-cli installer --filename composer
> php artisan ionos:update -h

  Updates October CMS and all plugins, database and files on IONOS Webhoster packages.

  ionos:update [options]

      --phpv[=PHPV]     Change the used PHP command version (ex. php8.0-cli).
      --skip-nophp      Required, if the desired phpv command does not start with php.
  -h, --help            Display this help message

Version 1.0.0 - Initial Release

Aug 17, 2021