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Having issues with the CKEDITOR plugin, and I don't know if this is the plugin's fault, or CKEDITOR's fault. If I am editing content, and I insert an image... the image will display fine. BUT if I modify the image (right-click and Image Properties) maybe add a left-float, some padding, a link, etc... The attributes will disappear when I load the editor again.

Even if I go into SOURCE to hand modify something, then back out to Wysiwyg view, the image attributes will be stripped and the image will be clean and un-floated again.

This makes this plugin (for me) completely un-useable.

Any workarounds for this?


We seem to be have the exact problem here, are you experiencing this issue on a Mac?

It's only on Mac that we are having this issue.


This is a cross platform problem, and it requires the switching off of CKEDITOR'S html filter.

In the plugin's CKEDITOR folder, edit the config.js file:


CKEDITOR.config.allowedContent = true

at the end before the closing curly bracket.

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