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this plugin work great, but I can not edit text style inside ordered or unordered list. Basically ckeditor will not show during editing which leads it is not possible to make text in list bold, strike, styled ... etc . What I found is that if I edit file ,,plugins/pkurg/posteditor/formwidgets/editor/assets/post-editor.js,, and change <li>item</li> to <li><p>item</p></li> style edit is possible. Is it possible for me to override this some other way so when next update will be applied, I will not lose this option please ?

Thank you


Thanks for the bug report.
I also found that instead of the non-numbering list component, there was a numbered one.

CKEDITOR.dtd.$ = 1; //Fixes li editing issue

1.0.6: ol ul grapesjs components fix
Update plugin and check.

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