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Hi this might be a stupid question but could you please help me. after installing Bootstrap 4 page builder in my October cms v2, it won't allow me to edit the page as I have seen in your sample video. It will just always turn white after clicking the edit button on the front end page - I assume something installation is not correct.

Does it have a post installation process? Note that I didn't even touch the 'Builder Canvas Assets' as I am not sure if I need to change it. If it does, could you please guide me through what version should I use or should I just copy and paste your example there? Add Builder canvas styles example:

'', '{{ 'assets/css/vendor.css' | theme }}'

Add Builder canvas scripts example:

'', '', '{{ 'assets/js/main.js' | theme }}'

I noticed that there isn't a vendor.css file and it has already a main.js in the folder respectively. Again sorry for the dummy question.


Please reinstall the plugin.
No Builder canvas assets are required for this theme.
Thanks for reporting the bug

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