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Slevin K.
Slevin K.

Hello (again :) )

Description : Quotes in twig tags are changed to html codes and so October is bugging

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a page
  2. Open the frontend bootstrap editor
  3. Add a block with a text in it like {% partial "NAME_OF_PARTIAL" variables="YOUR_VARS" %}
  4. Save the page
  5. Enjoy the error

You can get this error with single quotes or double quotes. If you go to the code of your page, you will see that quotes are replace by html code like &249;

Can you try to fix this please ?

Best, L


Failed to reproduce error

What version of the plugin is used? This bug was fixed a couple of versions ago(2.1.1).

demo site test (demo|demo)

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Slevin K.
Slevin K.

Hello, thnaks for your demo :)

i was using an old extended component snippet of this plugin. I've updated it and all works perfectly :)

best L

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