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Slevin K.
Slevin K.


I know i'm asking a lot of improvments, but i really believe that you're plugin is a great thing that deserves to be improved to be the best of Octobercms plugins :)

What i'm searching right now, is a possibility to generate css responsive code for background image. It would be good that when you add a background image, it generates directly another css with the background with the css option image-set. And of course, it generates also the other image sizes in the media library.

FYI, image-set source:

What do you think of this ?

Best, L


It looks like grapesjs doesn't fully support this option.

A request to add such a feature should probably be written here

I just integrate grapesjs into October CMS and not develop it.

In addition, this option is currently not supported by all browsers. Firefox for example.




    background-image:-webkit-image-set(url("") 1x, url("") 2x);}


    <h1>CSS image-set (test for 2dppx)</h1>
    <p>Do you see a cat or banana?</p>
    <div id="photo"></div>

Works in latest versions of Chrome, Edge and does not work in Firefox


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