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Both files needed to be made the same in order to get the same numerical value.

File: models/Item.php Line 133

public static function getLowStockProducts(){
    return self::whereBetween('quantity', [1, 3])->whereNull('deleted_at')->count();

And file: /controllers/items/index.htm

    use Pixel\Shop\Models\Item;

    $out_of_stock = Item::where('quantity', '<=', 0)->count();
    $low_stock = Item::whereBetween('quantity', [1, 3])->whereNull('deleted_at')->count();

Plus the twig files for the product listings.

File /components/productlist/product.htm Line 52

{% if product.quantity > 0 or product.quantity is null %}

And file /components/userprofile/product.htm Line 48

{% if product.quantity > 0 or product.quantity is null %}

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I cannot continue the project at the moment. I changed the plugin from Paid to free for the same reason, I am already working on a bigger project and my time is limited and I don't receive any monetary compensation by EasyShop. The project is open so that they can extend it and add those extra functionalities to it.

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