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Good morning.

I have been stuck on this problem for days and I'm hoping someone has experienced the same issue i have.

  1. I installed the plugin as instructed.
  2. I create the slider category with NO custom CSS.
  3. I add 1 slider and fill in the details and select the image.
  4. I add the slider component to the front page.
  5. here's my problem.

The slider is not displaying correctly. The first slide that appears is blank. The second slide is the pircture, I added as slide1. The text. "NEXT" and "PREVIOUS" is on the screen at the top and bottom of the slider container.

  1. When I added a second slide in the backend (Slide2).

In the front-end. The first slide is still blank. and the second slide on the front-end displays my first slide(Slide1) and second slide(Slide2) on top of each other.

I am struggling here. Hopefully I'm explaining myself correctly.

Thanks. Jethro

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