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The plugin has the option of creating additional key->value pairs on the back end under the Carousel's Sub Values. This is GREAT! Except for the fact that there doesn't appear to be any way to access them on the front end. Can you tell me if I'm missing something or is that functionality just non-existent?


Hi additional data you'll add in the carousel You can use it in your partial files within your own template, or you can also use the component code in the code editor to expand it.

when you expand the component in the code editor under {% for child in children %} You can access it from the child.config variable.

below an example config value

    "config": [{
        "index": "link",
        "value": "#"
    }, {
        "index": "text",
        "value": "bla bla"
    }, {
        "index": "h1",
        "value": "test"

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