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Hello, I am trying to get a standard API Call from all the properties of my model. First of all the resource value is not saved on any model I was trying the API. Also to be mentioned is that the resource interface is buggy on October 2 and can only be fixed with some CSS modifying. When I create an endpoint and call this endpoint I always get the Error: "Undefined property: stdClass::$type". Is there anyway I can fix this or is the plugin outdated and it doesn't pay of that I bought it?


Hi, This plugin is currently outdated. It will updated in the next few weeks to be compatible with October 2. I available to assist resolve any issues.

Thank you! I was using this plugin with (the good old) October 1 and was amazed at how good it worked. What I currently tried is to set the values of resource "someModel.php" in the function " public function toArray($request)" programatically.

public function toArray($request) { return [ 'id' => id, 'active' => active, 'name' => name, 'slug' => slug, . . .

but the error still occurs. I also tried to fix the file permissions but the permissions were already correct.



I have updated the plugin. Please update and let me know.

Thank you for your effort. I saw that now the visual bug on the Resources is fixed. It still does not work for me so I wanna point out what I did because maybe the mistake is on my side:

Basically I did this - in variation with preserving key / gen collection - on and off

then I set the values programmatically

and I always get this error: "Undefined property: stdClass::$type" i don't know where this gets called otherwise I could have tried to fix it. Thank you!

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