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Pavel Lorenc
Pavel Lorenc

Hi Jiří, thank you for your plugin. I encountered some difficulties with use JKshop in practice...

1) The shop shouldnt generate invoice right after order creation. The invoice should only be created when the payment is successful (or with some custom order status) . Otherwise, there are many unpaid invoices, which then have to be canceled by accountant...

2) ...and I'm not even talking about the continuity of invoice number line. One more idea to improve - the administrator might be able to set the initial invoice number

3) How is develoment status ofd Variables in mail ( It would be nice to have such a possibility...

4) I couldnt find any czech payment gateway in this plugin, am I right? Are you considering to implement any - like GoPay / PayU / ThePay / Comgate...?

Thanks for reply and have a nice and sunny day


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Hi, this is why I have decided to change "invoices" to "delivery form" for the exact reasons you just wrote. Unpaid invoices, non following numbers, etc. If someone wants a real invoice, I do it on my accounting software, if the delivery form is enough, I do invoices anyway on my software but numerous delivery form gathered in a global invoice... Il you have better ideas... François

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