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Hello again! One great thing, for the future I think, would be, when there is the possibility to set delivery countries or areas. For example, currently I am working on a shop for Germany with only one delivery country and that is Germany. So I have to validate the Form Field "Country" if there is Germany as input. Every major shop plugins for Wordpress or Grav and soon, have this feature. And other thing is, that I need to display the tax percentage on the product pages (Law in Germany). Is there a variables to do that dynamic? I cannot find one...

Would be a great thing if there is the possibility to set Delevery Areas or Countries in the future.

Thanks a lot!

By the way: I cannot answer to my post about Form Validation, when I enter my text and want to send it, it links me to the demo shop. I have to say, after a lot of research and testing, I have found a great Form Validation Script. It is called "Hyperform" and it works great and is very easy to set up.

Jiri Kubak
Jiri Kubak

SimpleWeb said:

Hello again!


1/ about countries - i added into my developer plan ;)

2/ when you have for example $product you can call this:


3/ about validation - thanks when i have i little bit more time i want to add ajax - php validation - this will be works everywhere

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