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Hi Jiri,

I am very new to October and Laravel, I've managed to get JKShop working 95% I'c confused about one part.

Now when an order is made, no user is created for the customer in the RainLab User plugin and I can't update order status without a customer selected from the dropdown in the customer tab of the order.

Have I done something wrong? do I need to do anything to make the customer save as a user automatically and have the order and user automatically match up in the customer tab in the order?

I'm really stuck on this part, any assistance would be greatly appreciated



I had the same problem, this plugin does not create a "guest user", I get the same error. The order does get created without a problem, but when you try to save something in the Order in the backend by hand the error shows up.

I'm waiting for a update on this myself, what solved it for me (ugly hack!): plugins/jiri/jkshop/models/order/fields.yaml Delete the part "user_id:" from this file. You have to manually do this every time the plugin updates.

Ugly but works for me, might be a temporary solution for you as well?

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