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Thanks for such awesome plugin! Really great work and video is really great, you explain everything weary well!

I want to ask a question, how you would approach such situation!

If there is a need for User multi-level access.

  1. Teachers
  2. Students

Situation :)

A teacher has more options in cluster and module pages. but a student has fewer options in cluster and module!

How you would approach such situation :)

Thanks again for really awesome plugin!

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Thanks for using Cumulus.

I guess the best approach would be creating a different components for student and teacher and attaching them to different pages.

There is also a option to determine in component's methods if the user is a Teacher or a Student, but in my opinion it will complicate the component and whole app too much.

To write such an app as simple as possible, I guess creating views and components for every group is the best approach. Cumulus just determines if a cluster has access to a page, nothing more. So maybe in future, if you want to create a moderators cluster you just can attach the same modules as Teacher to the moderators cluster so every user in moderators cluster will have the same access as Teacher and more.

I hope you get the idea.

Best regards,


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