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I have been trying to get this working for a while without much success. I am hoping someone has a solution it's probably just me not being experienced enough with octobercms. I am sorry.

I have many different categories that I display on different pages with filters. This mostly works but I am having a problem with one of categories.

Example names of categories: cars (url is, boats (url is, vehicles (url is For the cars and boats category "newsCategories" works fine but if I try to click on category vehicles I get redirected to instead of Is there any way to solve this?

The other problem I have is that I want to display all articles from all categories on the front page (url is ) and want to have the url from the articles change depending on the category each news is in. I did not find a proper solution for this. Example news url would be,, https:/// (depending in which category the news is in (boats,cars or vehicles))

The closes I got to solution is this <a href="/{{ post.category }}/{{ post.slug }}"> maybe filter something like post.category|??? When I do this I get the url,%22Name%22:%22Boats%22,%22Slug%22:%22Boats%22,%22Content%22:%22%3CP%3EBoats%20News.%3C//P%3E%22,%22Image%22:%22%22,%22Hidden%22:%222%22,%22Status%22:%221%22,%22Sort_Order%22:4,%22Created_At%22:%222020-05-07%2016:12:48%22,%22Updated_At%22:%222020-05-08%2016:04:04%22%7D/newstitleexample

The information is there but how to select the proper info (in this case Boats)?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

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