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Page number has no affect [Unresolved]

The website I am developing has a news feed (obvious).

On the homepage of this website, there is a "Recent News" section which is going to display the 8 most recent news articles.

I don't want the pagination to render on this particular news feed.

I have tried setting the component's "Page number" property to "1" in the hopes this forces the plugin to only display news posts from the first page and in turn, disable the pagination. Nothing.

I'm overriding the component with a partial view so, my second idea was to forcefully remove the pagination from the raw code but, there doesn't appear to be any raw code for the pagination to remove...

Any chance you could shed some light on my current situation?

Post page not working [Unresolved]

Rather than make a new thread, I'll add it onto this thread I made earlier.

Now, I don't know if it's just me but, the "Post page" property isn't working as intended.

To give some context, my localhost URL looks like so: localhost/projects/websitename

My post's page filename is "news/post/:slug" and for the "Display posts" component, I am using "news/post".

The links this produces looks like so: localhost/news/post/:slug

The link should look like: localhost/projects/websitename/news/post/:slug

What's going wrong?


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I've temporarily solved issue number 1 by targeting ".pagination" and setting it to "display: none;".

That's not really an ideal solution though, I'd rather have the ability to disable the pagination entirely when not needed.


I have exactly the same issue with the page slug. Did you find a solution to this?

solved: I changed the page number to 1

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