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Are you planning on setting up security parameters like it pings a site with authentication headers? So a person / bot doesn't stumble upon the url of page that is designed to send emails onStart.


Hi Brandon, Thank you for your interest in my Workflow plugin!

At this moment the plugin uses the following triggers:

  • cronjob
  • event
  • manual

And the following actions:

  • mail
  • webhook
  • log
  • workflow (e.g. e series of actions)

I use the ping function to ping a URL at and this works without security headers.

I have not used the ping function to request a URL on an October website that sends mails from the onStart() function. I would suggest that you use the mail action directly from whatever event or cronjob you use to trigger the ping action that you use to request a page that sends a mail.

If you want to ping the URL on an October website from another October website adding some form of optional authentication might be smart although you could prevent mail bombs with some form of rate-limiting mechanism (I think that is what does).

Is there a scenario you plan on using this plugin for that requires authentication?


I apologize for the poor example of sending emails. But lets see; use case like pinging a webhook to send subscription orders. Delete old store shopping carts. ETC

I got the task scheduler working to delete old records after a certain time frame has went by.

This plugin seems to be able to ping pages quite more efficiently though.


Hi Brandon, You can now use the query action to delete old record in a table :)

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