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Hi Wiego,

thank you for this plugin. I have a question about the revisions part. The Wiki component and page are working however if I edit a file (make a revision and save with comment) and then visit the revisions tab I can see my revision there, but if the revision title link is clicked the page URL is wrong. If I add /revision/ between the end of the URL and my root URL the page is working but it seems {{ content }} is empty. What am I doing wrong? The main issue is that {{ content }} is not visible I guess.

revision page > url : /revision/:slug? or /revision/:slug* I tried both
Slug : :slug

Wiki page > url: /wiki/:slug? Slug: :slug Redirect: revision


Hi Hessel,

The setup I am using for the Wiki is:

  1. Create a page with the URL: /wiki/:slug? and add the Wiki component
  2. Create a page with the URL: /revision/:slug* and add the Revision component

Both components use :slug for their Slug parameter and the redirect parameter of the Wiki component should point to the Revision page.

Hope this helps!

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