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Nice plugin, really cool to be able to login to the backend using the different website domains, and edit the correct associated theme.

However, I wonder if it's possible actually to define different media folder for the different websites, it would be really useful for my case.

Thank you for your help

Best regards,


Hi Troiscent,

Thank you for your interest in my plugin. The plugin offers no support for this at the moment.

Some thoughts:

  1. By default the Media Manager works with the storage/app/media subdirectory of the installation directory. To allow public access to a different directory out of the box (without changing .htaccess) it should be a subdirectory of storage/app/media (e.g. storage/app/media/site1).

  2. You would first need to create these directories(e.g. storage/app/media/site1) and then somehow overwrite the configuration of the Media Manager at runtime. I have never done this and do not know if it is possible.

  3. Please note that the October CMS docs indicate that: "after you change Media Manager configuration, you should reset its cache. You can do that with pressing the Refresh button in the Media Manager toolbar" but I have not tested this for the above scenario. It might be okay and it might cause issues.

Ofcourse you could create different directories for your different sites in the Media Manager to keep things organised (e.g. storage/app/media/site1) but these directories will be visible on all of your sites.

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