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It could be nice if we can add menu item for non logged and logged users.


It would :)

Have a look at this discussion though, as that explains how to do it if you absolutely need it.

For the record, if I ever get a chance to update this to v2, this will be part of it. But that won't be before December at least.


I see. I already did it by changing your code.

Defined a function in your Menu Model

 * Checks the auth
 * @return string
public function isAuth()
    $p = (array) json_decode($this->parameters);
    if(!isset($p['auth'] )) return true;
    return $p["auth"] == \Auth::check();        

And checked it in my partial.

Defined in parameters {"auth": true} (logged) or {"auth": false} (non logged) if I don't define auth it will be visible for everyone.

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