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  • Added on Jan 13, 2021
  • Current version: 1.0.1
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Allows to easily create counters and statistics over any model from OctoberCMS, using:

  • Basic incrementation
  • Optional amount of incrementation
  • Bulk incrementation over many models at once
  • Providing a Measurable behavior you can add to any plugin's models from the marketplace See README or documentation section for more informations.


This plugin allows you to create/increment and display any measures you want on a model, some examples could be:

  • Blog post's views
  • API's resource fetches count
  • ...

Measurable Behavior

You can add the Measurable Behavior (think of it as a Trait) to any model you want using Rain Extension.

Extending existing models from a Plugin registration file:

RainLab\Blog\Models\Post::extend(function ($postModel) {
    $postModel->implement[] = 'SunLab.Measures.Behaviors.Measurable';

Or directly to your Plugin's model:

class Link extends Model
    public $implement = ['SunLab.Measures.Behaviors.Measurable'];

Create/Increment a measure

Once you've added the Measurable Behavior to a model, you can use the model's method incrementMeasure.


// Optional amount of incrementation can be passed
$post->incrementMeasure('views', 5);

// Using the MeasureManager statics helper:
use SunLab\Measures\Classes\MeasureManager;
MeasureManager::incrementMeasure($post, 'views');
MeasureManager::incrementMeasure($post, 'views', 5);

Note: You don't have to process any kind of initialization of the measure, just use it.

Practical example, creating a post views in RainLab.Blog:

title = "Blog post page"
url = "/blog/article/:slug"
layout = "default"
is_hidden = 0

slug = "{{ :slug }}"
categoryPage = "blog/category"
function onEnd() {
{% component 'blogPost' %}

Bulk incrementation

You can increment multiple models measure at once, this is useful when you want to measure the amount of models fetches from an API.

// Passing to the MeasureManager a Builder instance
$products = Product::where('name', 'like', '%shoes%');
MeasureManager::incrementMeasure($products, 'appearedInSearchResults');

return new JsonResponse([
    'products' => $products->get()

Displaying a measure

To display the measure from a model, just use the getMeasure method on it. The method returns a Measure model which contains an amount property

// From a backend controller/view
$post = Post::first();
$views = $post->getMeasure('views')->amount;
// From a frontend Twig block
{{ post.getMeasure('view').amount }}


In a near future, I'll add some feature such as:

  • [ ] Bulk incrementation from a model collection instead of the Builder
  • [ ] Easier access to the amount of a measure using $model->getViewsMeasure()
  • [ ] A ReportWidget displaying some specific measures

First version of SunLab.Measures

Jan 12, 2021