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This plugin provides an API and UI for sending notifications to backend users.

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You need an account on octobercms.com to install this plugin.

  1. Sign in and click on the Add to Project button on the product page for the plugin in the marketplace.
  2. Select the project you wish to add the plugin to (or create one).
  3. Make sure you have attached this project to your website in the backend of your website in order to pull in the new plugin (Settings > Updates & Plugins). Don't worry, attaching or detaching your website to a project will never delete anything!


The plugin provides a new entry in the backend navigation that shows the number of notifications the user has and on the page it lists all notifications. If allowed by the user, it will make use of browser push-notifications. The plugin will poll for new notifications every 5 seconds.

Notifications can be created programatically by firing an event:

Event::fire('studiobosco.backendnotifications.notify', [$user, $subject, $body, $url]);
  • $user can be a user ID or a backend user object
  • $subject is mandatory and a string representing the notification subject
  • $body is optional and a string representing the html formatted body text of the notification
  • $url is optional and a string represting the URL to which the notification should link to.
  • Found the plugin useful on 1 Jun, 2020

    This feature should be baked into the core! Thanks for this great plugin!

  • Found the plugin useful on 26 May, 2020

    I like the potential for this plugin.


  • author

    Replied on 26 May, 2020

    Thank you.

    I'm planning on extending it a bit so users can:

    • disable notifications
    • set "opening-hours" for when not to recieve notifications
    • disable to display the actual count of notifications
    • disable/enable browser push notifications
    • send notifications via E-Mail (immediatly or as a bundle on certain weekdays)

    It is very much inspired from what basecamp.com does with it's notifications.


fixes missing translations in wintercms

Dec 14, 2021


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Sep 30, 2021


added Save & close button & buttons translations

Apr 28, 2021


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Jun 09, 2020


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Jun 08, 2020


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Jun 05, 2020


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Jun 05, 2020


checks if plugin was installed before performing queries on notifications table

May 19, 2020


First version of BackendNotifications

May 19, 2020