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It turns out, sending an email to a group of subscribers is actually quite a hairy problem. One would think storing a set of emails, looping over each one of them and sending out emails is all that needs to be done. But this solution only works for a very small subscriber base(5-10 max). Any more, and you could be invoking the wrath of the email Gods - your emails could be classified as spam or worse, your domain could potentially be flagged! (Tag v1.0 of this project uses the naive approach.. Feel free to take a look if you are interested).

The solution is to use the services of a third-party provider like MailChimp that specializes in safe email transmission, and handles all the myriad requirements of bulk mailing.

This OctoberCMS plugin allows you to easily add a "Subscribe" button on your website. These subscribers get added to a "list" on MailChimp. The plugin also hooks into Rainlab Blog events, and allows subscribers to receive emails when a blog gets published (via MailChimp Campaigns - Each blog publish event results in the creation of a campaign)

Main features

  • Uses MailChimp api V2.0
  • Clean way to send subscribers an email using MailChimp
  • unsubscription is easily handled by MailChimp
  • Emails are sent out only when the status of the blog is set to published (on create or update)


  • Signup form - This allows users to enter their email address and click on the "Subscribe" button.


  • RainLab Blog plugin
  • The from 'name' and from 'email address' are taken from your mail settings config.. So, please update these with valid values (config/mail.php).

See the Documentation tab for the usage details.

Icons made by "Freepik" from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0


  1. Go to Settings > "Updates & Plugins" page in the Backend.

  2. Click on the "Install plugins" option.

  3. Type Subscribe text in the search field, and pick the appropriate plugin.

  4. To add the component on your front-end page/layout :

    {% component 'Signup' %}

    (if you want to use the component on a partial, drag the component onto your layout and move the code {% component 'Signup' %} into the partial. This way, the ajax framework will be able to find the required handlers.)

  5. After logging into MailChimp, create a list for holding subscriber emails.

  6. On your backend -> Settings, under the "Blog" category, an option for "MailChimp Subscription" becomes available. Please enter your MailChimp API key and List ID in the spaces provided.

  7. You can customize the email that is sent out: navigate to backend->settings->mail->mail templates and modify the template named "serenitynow.subscribe::mail.email". ALL post data is available to the email template (user_id, title, slug, excerpt, content, content_html, published_at, published, created_at, updated_at)

Note: if you get an error message after applying 1.0.6, please delete the above mentioned email template. It should refresh automatically with the updated version.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 29 Apr, 2018

    I put "not useful" because of the lack of any support or proper instruction.

    It wouldn't work "out of the box" and after 2 weeks of posting in Support without any response, I finally got it working sufficiently to cover my needs.

    If you don't have experience troubleshooting plugins, I couldn't recommend this.



Fix October system class name change to MailSetting

Sep 10, 2016


Use MailSettings for getting email and name (instead of config)

Sep 02, 2016


Add try-catch for MailChimp Errors in Plugin.php

Aug 23, 2016


Change to uppercase Settings - Bugfix

Aug 23, 2016


Fix include path for vendor (composer dependency)

Aug 23, 2016


Initialize plugin.

Aug 21, 2016