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US Citizenship/Naturalization Test Flash Cards. Because.. ignorance is not cool :-)

This OctoberCMS plugin provides an easy drop-in package to help you brush up on your (US) civic knowledge.

The civics flash cards can be accessed by placing the 'questionnaire' component on any page.

{% component 'myQuestionnaire' %}

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  1. Property to randomize order of questions
  2. Uses a self-contained table installed along with the package
  3. Seed file for list of questions is provided. So, if/when answers to questions do change, updating the system is as easy as updating the seed file and re-seeding (refreshing the plugin)
  4. Simple styling with Twitter Bootstrap (3.0)
  5. The component exposes the entire table row as 'row' (in case you want to customize the look and feel) the fields are ('id', 'question','answer' and 'extra'). The 'answer' field could contain multiple strings separated by a pipe ('|') The 'extra' field contains a url for more information.

(Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com)

Questionnaire Component

Simply place the 'Questionnaire' component on the page. You're done!

{% component 'myQuestionnaire' %}

By default, the order of questions is randomized. You can uncheck the property in the component if you want them displayed in sequential order(1-100)


Update fa-icons

Nov 13, 2016


Create Question Table and Seed

Aug 11, 2016


First version of Civics

Aug 11, 2016