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Comments is an OctoberCMS plugin meant for enabling the users to comment on a particular page, blog, video, podcast, et al. Basically, every online page whether it is a static page or a dynamic one. In addition, no other third party operates this plugin. Hence, the user data remains in safe hands. Plus, the plugin is said to be doing wonders with RainLab blog plugin, so far.

Why choose Comments?

Hassle-free and Easy to Use Option to Filter the Comments Support team at your Service Framework by OctoberCMS is used End User’s Data Remains Safe Safety Assured with Captcha Feature

Salient Features

Comment Filtration Builder Tool for Setting Author Name/Namespace

Usage of Comments

Install the plugin to the respective page and you’re all set to make it go live. The best thing about this very plugin is that one can choose both, whether to directly let the comment made visible on the page or set an approval process for the same. This gives the plugin user the liberty to filter comments on their content. Moreover, the available option to use Captcha eliminates the risk of spamming and data thefts.

Implementing front-end pages

This plugin provides Comments component for display list of comments on the page.

title = "Blog" url = "/blog/:page?"


{% component 'commentsPost' %}

  • Found the plugin useful on 2 Jan, 2019

    I like this plugin and with a bit of puzzling I managed to adapt it to my own theme. In the comment form the URL of the commenter is missing. Most people use this as an extra motivation to give a comment.

    Please include the website URL of the commenter as an optional field in the dialog.

  • author

    Replied on 2 Jan, 2019

    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I appreciate you like this plugin. Yes, I can surely help you for customization in this plugin and add the website URL in this plugin. For the customization, I need to check the detailed scope. so, Let's have a quick session for that.

    Please let me know your thoughts further.

    Thanks, SD

  • Found the plugin useful on 12 Dec, 2018

    Hi Saurabh, Your plugin works fine, you need to update $rules in models/Comments.php and remove 'author','email' ; or use some dynamic login for loggedIn users.

    ` public $rules = [

            // 'author' => 'alpha|min:2|max:25',
            // 'email' => 'email',
            'content' => 'required|min:2|max:500'

  • author

    Replied on 17 Dec, 2018

    Hi Bahodur,

    Thanks for showing interest in this plugin.

    ​Checked for this and​ ​​It is just to make sure user enters valid email address & author name. If you really not in use you can remove those rules and use it.

    Please let me know your thoughts further.

    Thanks, SD

  • Found the plugin useful on 13 Nov, 2018

    I got this error after click submit button:

    "Class 'Auth' not found" on line 99 of C:\xampp\htdocs\myoctober\plugins\saurabhdhariwal\comments\components\Comments.php

    i didn't install Rainlab User plugin and only use the Guest (already switch on the configuration for Allow Guest). How to fix this? Should i install the Rainlab User plugin?

    Thank you.

  • author

    Replied on 13 Nov, 2018

    Hello Carolina,

    Thanks for the message.

    Yes, You must have to install Rainlab User Module in order to work this module.

    Please let me know your thoughts further.

    Thanks SD.

  • Found the plugin useful on 29 Sep, 2018

    I believe I have everything installed correctly, but, whenever I go to submit a comment, I get the following JS error in my console:

    "Comment.saveButton is not a function at HTMLButtonElement.onclick"

    I have guest commenting turned on, and ReCaptcha enabled & working. But, whenever I hit submit, I see the query string get appended to the URL, but not much happens beyond that. I don't see any entries in the database, and I don't see any comments show up on the page.

    Any idea what I might be missing?

  • author

    Replied on 1 Oct, 2018

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the message.

    Checked for this and it seems everything is working as expected for me. Could you please provide more information for the same.

    Please let me know your thoughts further.

    Thanks SD

  • Found the plugin useful on 16 Jul, 2018

    After click Sumbit - only refreshing page without errors. Comment don't added in database

  • author

    Replied on 12 Aug, 2018

    Hi Arthur,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    I believe Rainlab User plugin is already installed in your instance. Also, If you would like to allow guest users to be a comment on your website. There is configuration available in the admin panel. Please mark that switch ON.

    Further, Still you're facing an error please provide me your instant access to me. I'll check this and guide you what is wrong with this.



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