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Use the Reportico designer in the backend to create and run tabular reports against your October CMS database (or any other). Then embed your reports within your web pages using the Reportico CMS component. Reports are created using SQL to define the data query and the designer to generate the report. Design a simple report in seconds from a single SQL statement and then get more advanced by adding expressions, user criteria and even custom plugin code.

The Reportico plugin comes as two components, the back end designer and the front end CMS component for embedding reports.

Backend Design Features

Backend Design Features Reportico includes the following design features :-

  • Output to HTML, CSV and PDF format
  • Powerful user criteria selection features allowing dropdowns and lookups
  • Group headers and group aggregations
  • Enter a chain of SQL statements to perform more complex queries, for example build a temporary table from which to select from
  • Generate Charts from your data in HTML and PDF formats
  • Custom expression fields using PHP syntax
  • Generate web links and image links within the report data
  • Drilldown from one report to another
  • Option to show output as a dynamic sortable searchable grid
  • Custom styling of report output
  • Plug in PHP source to really customize the query and achieve almost anything ( advanced users only!)
  • Ability to filter data relevant to the logged in used
  • In built tutorials to get you going

Embedding Reportico in your Pages

Reports can be embedded in a variety of ways by adding in the Reportico component while editing a page in the CMS and setting parameters.

This allows you to

  • Add a section in a web page to present a menu of reports
  • Add a section in a web page to present a report criteria entry screen to allow user to set criteria and run
  • Add a section in a web page containing a single report output
  • Add links within you web pages to reports
  • Pass report criteria through from links allowing you to build your own page to allow report selection and the run the out in Reportico.
Admin Setup

Reportico for October CMS is a powerful tool for querying your database data and making it available in your web pages

To get going with the plugin, visit http://www.reportico.org/site2/introduction Here you can find out how to setup Reportico, create your first report and learn how to embed reports and links to reports in your CMS pages.


Fix Non-well formed numeric error in HTML reports

Jul 15, 2018


Added web middleware to web to ensure sessions work

Jan 22, 2018


Improved Styling.

Mar 24, 2017


Initialize plugin.

Mar 19, 2017