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Just a simple OctoberCMS plugin for doing surveys on your website. These features are provided by the initial release of this plugin:

  • [x] Create surveys with multiple options
  • [x] Choose between single- and multiple-choice
  • [x] Show results of a survey
  • [x] Optionally get users details, e.g. for a raffle
  • [x] Optionally get a notification email after each submit
  • [x] Localized in German and English
  • [x] Fully customizable via Twig templates
  • [x] Fully customizable via CSS
  • [x] Simple Spam Protection

The plugin is built without own CSS, or Javascript dependencies. The component twig layout is built with Bootstrap 5 classnames. If you do not have Bootstrap 5 in-place, please just add your own CSS.

How to use

Just install the plugin and add the component to your page. Create a survey and add some options. Then select the survey in the component settings and you are done.

It may is needed to add some own css rules to your theme to make it look nice for your template. The component is built with Bootstrap 5 classnames.

The notification email is optional, and enables notifications for a survey.

Technical notice

Also there are environment variables which may are handy:

# limit the number of surveys per IP address (limit per survey)

#  enable, disable using a cookie to prevent double answers

# disable all email notifications (may temporarily)

Found a bug?

Feel free to open an issue on GitHub, suggest a pull-request or reach out to me using the contact form on my homepage.

Please have a look into the README.md of the plugin.


Fix: Submit button is not blocked anymore, when not clicked the description

Sep 13, 2023


adjust form widget: option have more space, util function to get options with key-value for October forms, higher option repeater limit

Aug 25, 2023


Add table for choices

Aug 16, 2023


Add survey events table

Aug 16, 2023


Add tables for surveys

Aug 16, 2023


Initialize plugin

Aug 16, 2023

Currently there is no upgrade guide needed. No breaking changes.