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Just a simple OctoberCMS plugin for embedding matomo analytics. These features are provided by the initial release of this plugin:

  • store Matomo credentials
  • middleware for Matomo server-side tracking
  • component for Matomo javascript integration
  • component for Matomo tag manager javascript integration
  • integration of Matomo reports within the OctoberCMS backend
There are some dashboard widgets which access the Matomo graphs. These widgets need an auth token.

After installing the plugin, go to your admin settings. The Matomo settings form is quite simple and includes some hints. If you have questions, feel free to open an issue on Github.

For enabling client-side tracking (with Matomo script or Matomo Tag Manager script) just add the component to your page layout. Or better: to all page layout you need to track.

Server-side tracking works without Cookies, and without using JavaScript. It's quite simple compared to feature-rich javascript client tracking. But it does not impact client-side performance, and does not load javascript on client-side.


Added: redesigned report widgets

Mar 10, 2024


Added: support for OctoberCMS 3.2.x

May 14, 2023


Added: admin users are not tracked anymore

Apr 11, 2023


Tested with OctoberCMS v3.1

Oct 08, 2022


MVP with all basic features

Jan 22, 2022