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To-Do List Plugin

Simple backend To-Do List plugin. It allows to create tasks list for each backend user.


  • Manage lists and tasks
  • Lists of tasks belongs to backend user
  • Task reminder email


There are couple ways to install this plugin.

  1. Use October Marketplace and Add to project button.
  2. Use October backend area Settings > System > Updates & Plugins > Install Plugins and type Renatio.Todos.
  3. Use php artisan plugin:install Renatio.Todos command.
  4. Use composer require renatio/todos-plugin in project root.


Please use GitHub Issues Page to report any issues with plugin.

Reviews should not be used for getting support or reporting bugs, if you need support please use the Plugin support link.

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User defined lists


Plugin relies on the system scheduler for sending reminder email. For scheduled tasks to operate correctly, you should configure Cron entry on your server.


Plugin will register menu item called To-Do List, which allow you to manage lists and tasks.

For each task you can set reminder at column. This will send reminder email to user at given time.

User can see only lists that belongs to him.

Mail template

Plugin will register reminder email template. You can customize it in Settings > Mail Templates.


!!! Add support for Laravel 5.5.

Nov 29, 2017


Fix MySQL group by query

Mar 12, 2017


Change description field to TEXT type

Mar 12, 2017


First version of Todos plugin.

Aug 28, 2016

Upgrading To 2.0.0

Plugin requires OctoberCMS build 420+ with Laravel 5.5 and PHP >=7.0.

Reminder mail template was changed, so please delete old one and October will create it again automatically for you.