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Twig Thumbnail filter

A simple plugin for making thumbnails with a Twig filter.
This plugin makes use of the getThumb($width, $height, $options) function as described in the File attachments documentation here


The filter must be used on a path relative to the main application directory

'path'|thumbnail(width, height, options)
Some examples
<!-- Makes the image 500 pixels wide and scales height automatically -->
<img src="{{ 'storage/app/media/image.png'|thumbnail(500, 'auto') }}">

<!-- You can also use the built in twig path filters -->
<img src="{{ 'image.png'|media|thumbnail(500, 'auto') }}">
<img src="{{ 'assets/img/image.png'|theme|thumbnail(500, 'auto') }}">

<!-- You can pass options like so  -->
<img src="{{ 'image.jpg'|media|thumbnail(50, 50, {'mode': 'crop'}) }}">
'path'|thumbnail(width, height, options)

width and height should be specified as number or auto for the automatic proportional scaling (defaults to auto).

The options are exactly the same as the getThumb() function

Option Value
mode auto, exact, portrait, landscape, crop. Default: auto
quality 0 - 100. Default: 95
interlace boolean: false (default), true
extension auto, jpg, png, gif. Default: jpg

First version of raideer.thumbnail

Aug 02, 2017