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This plugin includes Tocbot on your pages. I have wrapped many of Tocbot's settings into configurable options. JQuery is not required. Tocbot has a large number of settings. For specific setting implementation, please check the Tocbot documentation at https://tscanlin.github.io/tocbot/

Add the CMS component to your page and render it with the component tag:

{% component 'toc' %}

You target a div class using the Capture div class option. You then select a div class in which the TOC will render. If you disable auto ID's, you must id your own headings.

TOC render div example. TOC renders in this element

<div class="js-toc toc-list toc-link"></div>

Capture Div Example

<div class="my-content ">

Link to Github Repository: https://tscanlin.github.io/tocbot/


fixed style application to embedded lists

Nov 02, 2019


Second version

Nov 02, 2019


First version of Toc

Oct 18, 2019