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Plugin for compressing original images.

Plugin compress the original files in upload time. Remember, compression is not a reversible process of deteriorating the quality of photos. The compression ratio depends on the settings you specify. All thumbnails will be created from a compressed original, so it takes less disk space and it takes less time. The plugin does not compress already loaded original photos and photos that are uploaded through Media manager.

See also other my plugins: Simpre Redirect to HTTPS, Exception Report to Telegram.

The plugin automatically integrates the entire plugin system.

In the Settings you can configure how images are compressed by degrading the quality and/or changing the size of the photo. All images that are uploaded to the website as model attachments are automatically compressed and trimmed to the specified size.


Adding enlarge setting for small images

May 20, 2018


Adding settings and change compress logic (look UPGRADE.md)

Nov 10, 2017


First version of ImageCompress

Feb 05, 2017