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CSV 2 October

Migration tool for import a CSV file with featured images (url's) to Rainlab Blog using a CSV file. The plugin import content, create categories if needed and import a feature image using the image URL. Useful to migrate from Joomla or Wordpress to OctoberCMS

Pre requisites

You will need a CSV file which contains the next structure:

title slug publish_up category_id category image_url content excerpt
Lorem Ipsum lorem-ipsum 01/11/2016,12:06:08 a.m. 1 Category Name http://www.test.com/im.jpg Lorem Ipsum Dolorem Sit amet Lorem Ipsum Dolorem

The columns order is not relevant. The really important thing is the name of columns and all the columns are required

The file can be created using some Joomla or Wordpress plugin

For create a Joomla file can use the freemium service Joomla 2 CSV

Step 1

Install this pretty plugin, is free! XD, then, go to the October Backend - Settings. There you will find the Joomla CSV Importer for Blog

Fill the required fields:

Plugin Version: This field is not writeable. For the moment, only RainLab Blog is supported

October Installation Folder: If your October site is in a subfolder, please, specify here. E.g. www.octobersite.com do not need fill this field; www.superhost.com/my_october_site/ need specify "my_october_site" as the installation folder

Upload your CSV file: Remember the structure required

Default author: Specify who will be the author for the imported posts

The publish status for the imported post will be ... You can choose published or unpublished

Your are ready! Click on Save and that's it!

The post data will be imported to the RainLab Blog, if the post category doesn't exists, the plug in will create it and the image_url will be grabbed and assigned to the post as featured image. Cool!

Additional Information:

  • The import process take a while, because the plugin grabs the image_url and save it in your server, so be patient, take a coffee, drink a beer and let the plug in do the magic.
  • The Content is HTML Stripped. Just the <iframe> and `<a> tags are conserved
  • The Excerpt is fully HTML Stripped
  • If a column is missing in the CSV file, the import process will not start.
  • If the plugin found a row with empty fields, this row will be ignored. If need it, you can use the "Validate CSV" option in the freemium service Joomla 2 CSV

First version of joomlacsvimport based on Rainlab CVS import and klyp Wordpress Importer

Dec 29, 2016