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  • Added on Aug 31, 2016
  • Current version: 1.0.1
  • Compatibility
    October CMS v3.x not tested
    October CMS v2.x not tested
    October CMS v1.x use latest
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Pushbulleteer is a plugin that will integrate with Pushbullet to allow you to set alerts based on, well, anything really. Now you can receive instant updates directly from your website to all of your devices.

Pushbulleteer takes care of performing the OAuth handshake from your OctoberCMS application and gives a set of options to fire notifications directly to your phone, tablet or any device integrated with Pushbullet.

Get notified on all or some of your devices when:

  • A new user subscribes to your site
  • A fatal error occurs
  • A new post is published on your blog
  • When the fat lady sings

Use these notifications to create a positive feedback loop for interacting with your audience, or respond quickly to a change.

Setup is a breeze

Authenticate your October Application

Pushbulleteer makes it painless to authenticate your OctoberCMS application with your Pushbullet App. It only takes a few steps:

  1. Install the Pushbulleteer plugin with php artisan plugin:install piercetech.pushbulleteer
  2. Create a Pushbullet API Client with your Pushbullet account.
    1. Go to your Pushbullet Client Page
    2. Create a new Pushbullet Client, the form looks like this: Add a new Pushbullet Client
    3. For the Redirect URL on the Pushbullet Client form, enter your domain with /piercetech_pushbulleteer/redirect appended to your websites address. For example, my website is http://tiny.aimlesscreations.com, so my Pushbullet Client should have the Redirect URL of http://tiny.aimlesscreations.com/piercetech_pushbulleteer/redirect.
  3. Enter your Pushbullet Client ID and Client Secret into Pushbulleteer settings in your October application's backend: Pushbulleteer Settings
  4. Save your changes!
  5. Click the "Authorize" button to have Pushbulleteer perform the OAuth dance with Pushbullet which will create an access token for your October application
  6. All done!

Fire Pushbullet Notifications in your October Application

For maximum flexiblity, there are a few different ways to create your Pushbullet notifications.

You can use baked-in events to pass your notifications:

$title = 'New Subscription';
$body = 'Got a new subscription from email ' . $newSubscription->email;

Event::fire('piercetech.pushbulleteer.send_note', $title, $body);

Or if you prefer Facades for simplicity:

Pushbulleteer::allDevices()->note($title, $body);

Or good old dependency injection:

App::make(\PierceTech\Pushbulleteer\Services\Pushbulleteer::class)->allDevices()->note($title, $body);

Coming Soon

  • Differentiate between your devices
  • Enter in your access token in directly in the Pushbulleteer settings for convenience
  • Your suggestions!
  • Found the plugin not useful on 10 Jul, 2017

    On Authorize I always view this error:

    The param 'redirect_uri' has an invalid value.

    On the app creation I put the data indicated on your instructions, even trying to authenticate throw the Pushbullet site a white page dead is displayed.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 1 Mar, 2017

    None of the thing work as mentioned. Please fix all. Make documentation easy to understand. Getting error at every place from authentication to a normal use.

    Sorry but i tried everything and finally decided to write here. Please help to fix the error. If possible make a public repository so that other can contribute.


First version of Pushbulleteer

Aug 30, 2016