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Plugin for OctoberCMS

This plugin for OctoberCMS is based on Carousel-Plugin Bootstrap Carousel plugin for October CMS.

FileList enables a backend user to easily upload files and display them on a page with a Description and a Downloadable link. The description is listed first then the title is listed as a list item and is a link to download the file.

I made this because I had a specific need for it and it helped me to learn plugin development for OctoberCMS.

Thanks to:

Saifur Rahman Mohsin for the Bootstrap Carousel Plugin and Alexey Bobkov and Samuel Georges for OctoberCMS.

Note: If you want to install via GitHub, create a directory called 'one47' within the 'plugins' directory of your OctoberCMS installation.

Plugin can be installed from github.

  • In plugin directory, create a directory named one47.
  • git clone https://github.com/wewill147/filelist.git

FileList will be in the backend menu under CMS.

When it is open, click Create New FileList button to begin uploading. Be sure to name your FileList in a way that you will know what it is. The FileList name is what you choose when adding the component to the page.

Upload a file. Then you can click the file to give it a name/title and a description. This is important, as the description is the text placed above the link and the title is the text displayed for the link.

Save and close.

In the CMS portion of the backend, under components, you can add the FileList component to the page and choose which FileList to display.

Save and your files will be listed with a nice description above each one.

This plugin does use a very minimal amount of Bootstrap for the links styling. All else will just use the default styling that you have already made. The html is wrapped in a div tag with a class called 'fl-style' so you can add styling to your style sheet. The description is set in an h3 tag and link a tag is set in a li.


.fl-style {
    h3 {
        font-size: .9em;

Fixed issue to allow various file types to be uploaded

Nov 02, 2016


Added basic permission function to allow or deny admins to manage filelists

Nov 23, 2015


Fixed an error in the default markup for the component that caused a file to be hidden if their was only one file in the FileList

Oct 29, 2015


First version of FileList

Sep 07, 2015