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Manipulates the DOM and wraps selected HTML-Elements into a defined wrapper.

How it works

This plugin can be used to define various selectors and wrappers. It provides a middleware that searches for the selected elements and wrap them into a defined parent HTML-Tag.

As an example it turns this

<table class="myTable">

into this

<div class="table-wrapper">
  <table class="myTable">
Configurate Selectors And Wrappers


You can define the selectors and wrappers by recording these in the backend.

Field Description Example
Tag that should be wrapped Defines the selector as a XPath expression. All applicable elements are selected by the plugin and wrapped with the defined wrapper. //table[contains(@class,"table")]
Type of wrapper-tag Defines the HTML-tag-type for the wrapper. div
Optional class for wrapper-tag If defined, this value is set as a class-attribute to the wrapper. table-wrapper-class
Optional id for wrapper-tag. If defined, this value is set as a id-attribute to the wrapper. table-wrapper-id

Added permission to hide tag wrapper settings in the backend

Aug 28, 2019


First version of TagWrapper

Nov 28, 2018