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The OFFLINE.MicroCart plugin aims to provide simple shopping cart and payment features.

This plugin is meant for projects where simple items are sold online (Tickets, Coupons, etc). You will have to implement the "item part" (like a Ticket model) yourself. You can use the plugin as cart and payment solution.


The OFFLINE.MicroCart plugin provides the following features:

  • A Cart model with a nice API to add and remove CartItems
  • A Cart component base, that is meant to be extended by you
  • Stripe, PayPal and SIX SaferPay payment integrations
  • Support to add custom payment gateways
  • Numerous events for you to hook into

It does not provide any of these features:

  • Product data management
  • E-Mail notifications
  • Multi currency support
  • Stock management
  • Shipping rules
  • ... and lots of other extended eCommerce features

If you are looking for a fully featured eCommerce solution for October CMS check out OFFLINE.Mall.

You can find detailed documentation on the project's GitHub page:



Added Support for Stripe Checkout

Apr 21, 2022


Optimized english translations

Jul 10, 2020


Stripe.js code is now put to the script placeholder by default (undo this by removing the put statement from components/cart/stripe.htm). Make sure you have placed the `{% scripts %}` tag on your layout before updating to this version.

Jul 10, 2020


Initial release

Aug 02, 2019