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This plugin integrates the awesome itsgoingd/clockwork with October CMS.

Clockwork is a browser extension, providing tools for debugging and profiling your October CMS applications. Clockwork captures and visualizes the following data

  • HTTP requests
  • Performance timeline of application execution cycle
  • Database queries
  • Cache hits and misses
  • Log entries
  • Session data
  • Authenticated user information
  • Outgoing emails


After the plugin installation is complete add the laravel.dont-discover part to the extra section of your project's composer.json like this:

  "extra": {
    "merge-plugin": {
      "include": [
      "recurse": true,
      "replace": false,
      "merge-dev": false
    "laravel": {
      "dont-discover": [

Then download the browser extension to get insights into your October CMS installation:

All Clockwork features are adapted to work with October CMS. For more information on how to use the clock helper function refer to the official Website.


By default, Clockwork will only be available in debug mode, you can change this and more settings in the configuration file.

The plugin provides file based configuration options where you can overwrite all the Clockwork settings. Refer to the October documentation on how to overwrite these settings.

  • Found the plugin useful on 7 Feb, 2019

    Nice plugin, I really like it. You should consider making a Task Schedule that clears the Storage/clockwork though. In a few days, mine reached 16GB.

    Either that or make an option in backend settings, where you can enter the frequency of deleting the .json files.


Added twig functions (thanks to @damsfx)

Sep 17, 2019


Initial release of Clockwork

Dec 04, 2018