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jalali date in dashboard

How to use this plugin

Just install it, and it and change backend language to persian.

**This plugin require octoberfa.rtler and octoberfa.calenndars plugins.

by Sajjad Servatjoo

  • Found the plugin useful on 2 Dec, 2021

    hello, I have used free octobercms with before version of persian plugin and every thing was ok, but now with new octobercms and new versian of persian plugin(last versian) I have a problem. I need persian daterange in backend list of admin panel to get monthly report of my data. these was ok before, but in new versions it doesnt load persian calendar. please help me. thanks.

  • Found the plugin useful on 27 Mar, 2021

    Hello Now that you have removed the pDate function, how do I display the Shamsi Date on the front end?

  • Found the plugin useful on 9 Sep, 2020

    Hi I see following error in installation:

    "Class 'Jenssegers\Date\Date' not found" on line 12 of D:\october\plugins\octoberfa\persian\classes\Argon.php

  • author

    Replied on 18 Jan, 2021


  • Found the plugin useful on 7 Jul, 2019

    hey ! thanks for great plugin to resolve subdirectory installation problem you can change flipCss.php at line 295 from $p = dirname($path) . '/' . $u; to
    $p=dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])."/".dirname($path) . '/' . $u;

  • Found the plugin useful on 10 Jun, 2019

    hi, first I thank you for this great plugin. my issue is when I install and enable plugin I cannot delete ( softDelete) any record in a list and get this error

    SQLSTATE[22007]: Invalid datetime format: 1292 Incorrect datetime value: '1398-03-20 09:12:31' for column 'deleted_at' at row 1

  • author

    Replied on 10 Jun, 2019

    hi in your model class please add this

         * The attributes that should be mutated to dates.
         * @var array
        protected $dates = ['deleted_at'];

    you can call me if the problem not solved 09353141211

  • Found the plugin useful on 18 May, 2019

    How can I use Afghani month! As you know Iran and Afghanistan use the same calendar which is Hijri Shamsi Calendar but only the name of months are different. it would be much appreciated if you help me with that.

  • author

    Replied on 3 Jun, 2019

    hi, tanks for your review unfortunately this feature currently not supported yet

  • Found the plugin useful on 23 Feb, 2019

    it's great, but there is a small problem with fontawesome in the backend I think font-face does load a for that occurred some problem for view backend icon. if you solve this problem is an amazing plugin October from Iran

  • author

    Replied on 24 Feb, 2019

    if you install in a sub-folder edit .htaccess file to resolve the problem

    ## You may need to uncomment the following line for some hosting environments,
    ## if you have installed to a subdirectory, enter the name here also.
    # RewriteBase /

  • Found the plugin useful on 6 Dec, 2017

    It's excellent for persian admin panel thank's Sajjad Servatjoo & Saman Sorushniya for new updates

  • author

    Replied on 24 Feb, 2019



!!! flipCss and pDate filter removed.

Jan 14, 2021



Sep 18, 2019


fix javascript datepicker and ...

Sep 18, 2019


fix datepicker

Aug 03, 2019



Apr 13, 2019


Fix some bugs

Mar 05, 2019


Fix some bug & change date picker to Pikaday

Mar 05, 2019


Fix some bug

Dec 08, 2018


Big Update

Oct 04, 2018


some fix

Sep 23, 2018


fix datepicker and change font

Feb 14, 2018


update to new laravel

Dec 05, 2017


First version of Persian

Dec 31, 2016