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Persian language support for October CMS plugin

  • Persian URLs
  • Right to left backend layout
  • Jalali calendar in backend
  • Twig markup for flipping css and convert dates to Jalali in front-end
jalali date in dashboard

How to use this plugin

Just install it, and it and change backend language to Persian.

use flipCss filter in theme to flipping css in the front-end, for example:

<link href="{{['assets/css/bootstrap.min.css','assets/css/style.css']|flipCss|theme}}" rel="stylesheet">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" id="color" href="{{'assets/css/colors/default.css'|flipCss}}"/>

flipCss must be used before the theme filter.

use pDate filter in theme for convert date to Jalali :

{{'2016/12/31'|pDate('y M D')}}

by Sajjad Servatjoo & Saman Sorushniya


Big Update

Oct 04, 2018


some fix

Sep 23, 2018


fix datepicker and change font

Feb 14, 2018


update to new laravel

Dec 05, 2017


First version of Persian

Dec 31, 2016