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This plugin adds an AJAX-powered Masonry portfolio with category filters and a modal dialog.


This plugin requires the Ajax Framework to be included in your layout/page. Place the {% framework %} tag anywhere inside your page or layout.


  • Pinterest-inspired masonry-based layout with ragged bottoms
  • Complete control over column count, gutter and spacing
  • Custom styling with Sass
  • Loading effects
  • Responsive images
  • 2x image variants for high pixel-density displays
  • AJAX-powered
  • Category filters
  • Modal dialog with details
  • Custom scrollbar
  • Optioanl horizontal left-to-right order


The GitHub repository for this plugin can be found here. Please feel free to contribute or report any bugs.

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About me

My name is Marios Sofokleous, and I am a web developer with industry experience building custom websites.

Masonry layout

PortfolioList Component

Use the PortfolioList component to display a filterable Masonry portfolio on a page. The component has the following properties:

  • width - Width (1x only) of candidate image source (src attribute) for the user agent to use.
  • widths - Widths (1x only) of possible image sources (srcset attribute) for the user agent to use.
  • sizes - Value for the image element's sizes attribute.
  • titleFontSize - Title font size
  • titleTopMargin - Title top margin
  • itemTopMargin - Item top margin
  • itemWidthXs - Item width for extra small devices
  • itemWidthSm - Item width for small devices
  • itemWidthMd - Item width for medium devices
  • itemWidthLg - Item width for large devices
  • itemWidthXl - Item width for extra large devices
  • gutterSizeXs - Horizontal space between items for extra small devices
  • gutterSizeSm - Horizontal space between items for small devices
  • gutterSizeMd - Horizontal space between items for medium devices
  • gutterSizeLg - Horizontal space between items for large devices
  • gutterSizeXl - Horizontal space between items for extra large devices
  • modalPadding - Modal dialog padding
  • spinnerColor - Growing spinner color
  • horizontalOrder - Choose whether to lay out items to (mostly) maintain horizontal left-to-right order


Customize Portfolio by utilizing the source Sass file located at plugins/msof/portfolio/assets/sass/portfolio-list.scss

Responsive Breakpoints

The default grid breakpoints are defined in the source Sass file located at plugins/msof/portfolio/assets/sass/portfolio-list.scss and are the same as the ones used in Bootstrap 4.6.x:

$property-list-breakpoint-sm: 576px;
$property-list-breakpoint-md: 768px;
$property-list-breakpoint-lg: 992px;
$property-list-breakpoint-xl: 1200px;

If the default breakpoints are not suitable for your website, feel free to change them.

Since Portfolio is developed to be mobile first, it uses the following media queries:

// Extra small devices
// No media query for "xs" since this is the default in Portfolio

// Small devices
@media (min-width: $property-list-breakpoint-sm) { ... }

// Medium devices
@media (min-width: $property-list-breakpoint-md) { ... }

// Large devices
@media (min-width: $property-list-breakpoint-lg) { ... }

// Extra large devices
@media (min-width: $property-list-breakpoint-xl) { ... }

Compatibility with October v3.1

Jan 26, 2023


Initialize plugin.

Aug 04, 2021