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  • Added on Jul 22, 2019
  • Current version: 1.0.6
  • Compatibility
    October CMS v3.x not tested
    October CMS v2.x not tested
    October CMS v1.x use latest
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Many plugins, as well as October CMS itself, fire events to notify users about what's happening around them. For example, the RainLab User plugin fires rainlab.user.login event to indicate that some user has successfully signed in. You can take advantage of these events to monitor your website.

Adding Events To Monitor

To monitor an event, simply add its fully qualified name to the list of events provided by this plugin. For example, you can add rainlab.user.login to monitor how many users log in to your system over time.

Monitoring Events

After you add your desired events, they will be automatically logged as they happen. On the Statistics page under the Event Counter menu, you can see the time-series chart of any of your events by selecting the event name from a dropdown menu.

Known Bugs

  • The data point is not shown on the chart if the data is available only for one day.

Planned Features

  1. Add dashboard widgets
  2. Add an alert for counters that go above or below a threshold
  3. Add counter for page visits
  4. Log event parameters
  5. Add support for Prometheus monitoring system


Please feel free to

  • Send Suggestions
  • Report Bugs
  • Send Pull Requests


  • From the main menu, select Settings > Update & Plugins > Install Plugins
  • In the search box, type: "Event Counter" and click on it to install.


In order for the date and time of events to be logged correctly:

  1. Make sure the timezone in your app.php file is set to UTC
  2. Set the dashboard timezone according to your location (On the upper right corner of dashboard click on your avatar, click on Back-end preferences, then select your Timezone.)

Make the event_name column unique in meysam_eventcounter_events table

Jul 21, 2019


Add foreign key constraint to event_id column in meysam_eventcounter_event_logs table

Jul 13, 2019


Add date column to meysam_eventcounter_event_logs table

Jul 13, 2019


Created table meysam_eventcounter_event_logs

Jul 13, 2019


Created table meysam_eventcounter_events

Jul 13, 2019


Initialize plugin.

Jul 13, 2019